SCALE is an FCRA & ISO certified NGO, working for 18 years now. During this period, it has stood with dignity, self-respect & successful deliverables through its social welfare initiatives.

It was established on January 9, 2002, by a team of experienced professionals with a vision to improve the quality of life of the marginalised sections of our society. SCALE was the result of the deep concerns of founding members’ for the plight of the deprived and most vulnerable segment of the population. It aims to check environmental degradation, provide easy access to quality education and enable women empowerment. The founding members commitment, expertise and background, place SCALE in an advantageous position in terms of bringing about effective and sustainable changes in the lives of the marginalized sections of our society.

Though it is yet to take government funds but it has been closely working with the corporates like, Acer, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mistral Solutions, , Human Development Foundation and USA based companies like AgreeYa Solutions, Robin Raina Foundations, IDRF & GXT Green, as well as other credible donors.

SCALE over the last 10 years has been extensively promoting ‘Green Projects, Women Empowerment & School IT Education’ in rural areas of India.

SCALE has developed its own solar product design & innovative technology. It offers value for money to its users. SCALE has brought this technology to the most remote & rural areas in India.

It has carried out multiple capacity building programs & trained over hundreds of unemployed youth in the manufacturing & repair of solar products. We are happy to mention that majority of these trained youth are today employed in electrical and electronic industry.

It has set up India’s first two solar manufacturing cooperatives. Thousands of solar houses have been lighted under the auspices of SCALE.In its unique mission of solar lighting border villages, we are very proud to mention that SCALE has solar lighted 63 villages on the border areas. SCALE intends to light up in 2019-2021, additional 250 border villages.

SCALE has recently set up 5 self-help groups under the banner of Alambana. These women have been provided with basic & advance training by SCALE in stitching school uniforms, ladies suits and many other gift items. We are happy to mention that all these self-help groups are sustainable today.

SCALE has introduced school uniforms in Aganwadi schools in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. It has donated 5000 school uniforms along with shoes & socks to 160 Aganwadi schools.

SCALE has been actively working in school IT education for the last 10 years. During this period, over 30000 needy school children have benefitted through our IT literacy programmes. This includes the schools on India-China border.

We are also pleased to mention that our skill based programs have provided livelihood to more than 4000 youth. Be it the solar energy, computer literacy, tailoring, optical fibre or computer hardware, all these project initiatives have given these youth a future to dream about.

SCALE is 100% statutory compliant since its inception in January 2002

SCALE looks forward to your support in future. We hope that together we can make a difference in providing quality of life to the marginalized sections of our society.

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