SCALE’s mission is to ensure that the children look forward to attending school and experience the joy of learning. We want to see exuberance and joy on their faces. In recent years we have undertaken many projects in the field of education, some of them are
Changing the face of education in rural areas

SCALE entered the field of school education in 2008, on a request from some schools in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The scenario was not encouraging due to lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of trained teachers and the right pedagogy. The dropout rate was high and new enrolment was missing. Even those who attended school were doing it for a certificate rather than acquiring knowledge. just to get a certificate, rather a qualification on paper.

Over the last ten years, SCALE has noticed a marked difference in the level of students’ knowledge and outlook. They look smarter, and more confident, and ready to compete with students from other more well-off schools. Till date, about 30,000 students have so far benefitted from its IT project.

Schools in border areas

SCALE gave further thrust to its school education program in 2016 when it got associated with the India-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) to provide IT literacy to eight primary village schools located on the India-China border. Our key mission today is to help provide dignity of life to families in the border areas. We are also providing these families with solar lights and running computer literacy programs. These initiatives conform with our vision of providing quality of life to the marginalized sections of our society.

With this initiative, SCALE has embarked on yet another journey!

Smart learning reaches schools in rural areas

As mentioned in the Project Overview, a key reason why children drop out from schools is their growing lack of interest in the school curriculum. Poor performance in class examinations lead to loss of confidence and fear of studies. As a result, parents too were getting convinced that pursuing further studies is a waste of time. From the point of view of a society, this is a huge loss of human resources.

There was no doubt that many of the school dropouts were intelligent and competent youngsters who could have completed high school education, given the right environment. Our projects instilled confidence in students by arousing interest in studies & computers played a crucial role in generating interest in subjects and making academics more exciting.

Creating an IT ecosystem: SCALE has tied up with Computer Shiksha (CS) to deliver computer education using Self Learning Videos developed in-house that act as trainers. For this, SCALE & CS has provided computers, free training to teachers, computer maintenance as well as comprehensive syllabus. Along with CS, SCALE is creating an ecosystem in schools to not only deliver computer literacy programs but also to create the right IT infrastructure that can be leveraged for scores of other programs.

Our plans for 2019-20: As a part of our mission to bring quality education to the doors of remote rural schools, SCALE will be introducing smart learning to additional 75 schools in 2019-20.

It is proven beyond doubt that good education is the only route to a better future. Education driven by SCALE is more about knowledge, good culture, creativity, positive attitude and well-placed confidence. We hope that in times to come, all like-minded organizations and individuals work cohesively to build a knowledge-driven society.

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