SCALE seeks your expertise for skill building in solar panel manufacturing and solar power generation through roof top installation in rural India. Your assistance will make a big difference to our vision of providing quality of life to marginalized sections of our rural community.

One of the major activities of SCALE has been to deliver solar lighting systems in remote border & rural areas where electricity supply is erratic. One major component of these products is a small solar photovoltaic module (solar panel) of low wattage value (3-40W capacity) which as of now, is being procured from major manufacturers.

With the industries already switching to large scale solar electricity production using much bigger solar panels, procurement of the small panels for the smaller solar lighting products is becoming increasingly difficult. Such panels from smaller manufacturers does not have the desirable acceptable & consistent quality.

SCALE wants to have the phased out machinery for the smaller panels from the established manufacturers and seek their active support and collaboration to sustain the production of such small panels in rural areas of India.

Apart from distribution of solar micro-systems like lanterns and home lights SCALE also plans to join the nation-wise movement of solar power generation through installation of large solar photovoltaic modules on roof tops and community lands in rural India. For this SCALE is aiming for capacity building of the local youth on grid interactive as well as off-grid large scale solar installation. Once trained they can either begin entrepreneurship by forming cooperatives or start business collaboration with already existing companies on this field.

We request you to consider our appeal & be our partner in this noble cause.