SCALE’s mission has been to bring more women into the mainstream

Women empowerment is critical to social change

In the marginalized sections of India, women are often thrust into earning daily wages to generate more household income. Since its inception, SCALE’s mission has been to bring more women into the mainstream. Today, due to its initiatives, hundreds of women are in jobs, including government, private or have their own small businesses.

Setting up of Self-Help Groups in tailoring

SCALE has set up five informal women self-help groups by name of Alambana in Rudrapur villages, Uttarakhand. Provided with advanced training, these women are stitching school uniforms, wedding dresses, ladies suits and embroidered purses, amongst other items. Not only has Alambana provided them with attractive economic benefits, it has also become the instrument for change in children’s education.

Alambana is being run by a group of 40-50 women who have received advance training from SCALE. This centre has been provided with sewing machine, Fashion Maker and Interlock machine for stitching, embroidery, and over-locking. Thereby enhancing the quality of items stitched by them.

Alambana self-help groups are not only sustainable but has become scalable in the last one year. But thousands of rural women are needing similar social upliftment for which we seek the support from the beneficiaries.

To meet the deficit of power in this rural area SCALE has solar lighted the Alambana centre. Production has now become efficient and uninterrupted.

Women entrepreneurs coming out of our tailoring centre

The setting up of a tailoring centre in 2003 at Bhimtal block in Nainital district, Uttarakhand, provided a big opportunity to women to master the art of tailoring. Over 2000 women have been trained and many of these trained women have become small entrepreneurs catering to village requirements. Boutiques were set up in different parts of the district. A few became professional trainers. This way, SCALE was able to draw women to the mainstream.

Introduces school uniforms to Anganwadi schools

In the last four years, SCALE has donated 5000 school uniforms, along with a pair of black shoes and socks to 160 Anganwadi schools in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. These 5,000 uniforms were stitched by women from Alambana. SCALE plans to donate 6250 school uniforms to 250 Aganwadi schools by 2019-21. The impact on the education has been extremely significant with high enrolment of new students & re-admission of drop-outs .

How computers changed the lives of rural women

Since 2003 till date, over 18000 school girls & young ladies have been trained in IT education. The IT education initiative by SCALE has changed their outlook to life. They are confident & knowledge driven. While most of them are still in schools or colleges but over 2000 women have got jobs either in government or different private industries.

50% women in manufacturing at UCRE

In 2014, when SCALE set up the country’s first renewable cooperative, UCRE, its mission was to ensure that at least 50% of its work force is women. Apart from giving women an equal opportunity in the society, their competence as well as their skill of doing soldering or populating mother boards was a big driving force behind this mission.

SCALE is proud to mention that women are heading the accounts and inventory sections besides being involved as technicians in manufacturing. Having passed high school, they are managing their work with efficiency and passion.

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